William Banting 1804 – 1853 Farmer of Westmoreland

William Banting 1804 – 1853 was the son of William Bnating and Agnes Fisher

1804 – born at Market Brough and baptised 11th Aug Church Brough

1832 – married by licence at Kirkby Stephen, bachelor of Brough to Jane Abram. Witnesses, Matthew Mattison Lamb, Margaret Lamb and Thomas Abram

1833 – daughter Agnes Ann born at Brough baptised 22nd Oct at Brough

1835 – daughter Isabella born at Brough baptised 17th March at Brough

1837 – son John Abram born at Brough and baptised 6th Feb at Brough

1839 – daughter Mary born at Market Brough and baptised 2nd March at Brough

1841 – living at Tinbridge Market Brough. Farmer. Unknown date tithe map of Brough William Banting rented the following from landowner John Rumsey senior. Plot 8 Lowgill allotment, arable 48 (presumably acres), mire dubbs 48, cow pasture 53, walker dale house, close meadow and rented from landowner Thomas Green plantation wood 50 crooks pasture 332

1842 – daughter Jane born at Brough and baptised 8th Feb at Brough

1844 – daughter Margaret born at Tinbridge Brough baptised 9th Jan at Brough

1845 – wife Jane died of bursting of a blood vessel in the leg and causing loss of blood premature child birth. The death was registered by Ann Armstrong present at the death of Low Gill. Jane was buried at Brough 21st Dec

1851 – living at Brough Sowerby Westmoreland farmer 80 acres. House has been destroyed

1853 – died 7th May aged 48 at Brough Sowerby of apoplexy and was buried at Church Brough Westmoreland

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    Hi! Do you have any sources for this information? FamilySearch seems to have conflicting information – https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/J7QF-PYZ


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