Will of Robert Bantinge New Woodstock 1598

Banting family history

The will of Robert Banting(e) contains many interesting insights into his life as a tanner in Woodstock 1598

I am trying to sort out some of the early Banting trees for the Banting Oxfordshire cluster, here is the will for Robert Banting(e) who was married to Joane.  Mother Emma.

 Some interesting things to ponder:

  • Is brother ‘Slatter’ a sibling or is the term more loosely used, as in brother in law as I suspect is the case. One of the witnesses is John Slatter.
  • There is no mention of children only Robert Bantinge, his godson
  • There are a lot of ‘Slatters’ in Kidlington and George Bruse of Kidlington owes money to Robert Bantinge who stands his tanning vats in widow Bruse’s yard.
  • His wife Joane is possibly Joane Slatter
  • Robert’s mother is still alive therefore it is possible Robert is young
Banting family history

Tanners working in the C16th


Will of Robert BANTING tanner of New Woodstock Will 9 Oct 1598   Probate 1598

  • To the mother church of Oxford 4d
  • To the poor people of Woodstock 6s 8d
  • To my mother Emme Bantinge 40s to be paid within one year.
  • To Amee Palmer 40s to be paid within one year.
  • To my late servant Harry Styles 20d to be paid within one year.
  • To my godson Robert Bantinge after the death of my wife “all my tan vats standing in Widow Bruse’s backside”
    or before my wife’s death if she and “my brother Slatter” agree.
  • To my wife Joane Bantinge the remainder of my goods, and I make her sole executrix.
  • Debts owing toRobertBanting
    • Richard Hicks of Islip 55s 8d
    • George Bruse of Kidlington 59s
    • William Catt of Bissiter £3
    • John Wilkinson of Woodstock 12s
    • Jerome White of Woodstock 10s
    • Henry Redgate of Woodstock 8s
  • Witnesses Anthony Noble scriptor; James Dissall; John Slatter

Banting family history

Information taken from Summary Form of will transcribed by several members of Woodstock Local History Group, 1988 – 2009

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