Thomas Banting Royal Undertaker

So much is heard about William Banting, creator of the Banting Diet, that I wanted to see what I could find out about his father Thomas because it was he who went into business with the France family, famous cabinet makers for very rich people and whose business connections to the Beckwiths who worked with the famous Thomas Chippendale is well referenced.

The business picked up the Royal Warrant to supply furnishings but the question remains, who was Thomas Banting?

Thomas Banting appeared on the scene, shortly after 1812, when William Beckwith France left the business and his father replaced him with Thomas Banting and the firm’s name changed to France and Banting.

    • One has to assume that Thomas Banting was already an established carpenter of some measure and skill for the France family to enter into a business with him.
    •  The business continued working for the Lord Chamberlain’s office and thus the Royal household.
    • They were commissioned to supply furniture to many notable households.  An interesting commission was to supply furniture for Napoleon’s use on St Helena, but the Emperor died before the items could be delivered and in May 1822 50 lots were sold by Christies Auction House.

Then in 1825 in consideration of a pension of £500 per annum and a partnership for his youngest son John Hale France, William retired and the firm traded as              Banting, France and Banting.

However John Hale France claimed that the Bantings were excluding him from his rights under the partnership and he brought an action against them. This matter was settled but the firm traded thereafter as Banting and Son thus ending the France connection with the business.

See what Sotheby’s has to say about the firm and it’s furniture. It’s an interesting read….

Can anyone shed any further light on Thomas Banting ?


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