More on the Westmoreland Bantings birth of William Banting c1770

Following up on several requests for information on the Westmoreland Bantings, we have been very fortunate in having someone share some extremely well researched data. Many thanks for this!

The data will be collated into a tree and shared but as well as that each family group will be mapped.

The tree outline is as before but possibly takes us back one further generation.

We have William Banting = Agnes Fisher in 1793

The question has been, where did William originate from?

Here is a possible scenario:

Ann Banting / Banton  a widow of Brough, was married to John Carr, pedlar and bachelor of Musgrave in 1772.

With a birth for our William of 1770 it is quite possible this was his mother

Prior to this there is a marriage for William Banton to Elizabeth Plummer in Kendal in 1764

This gives us something to consider. There is certainly a jumble of names Banting / Banton / Bantam but the solution creeps ever closer…

Series of posts follows, hope it all helps and thanks to the kind sharing of a family historian



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