More Banting Berkshire Burials

Banting Berkshire Burials

Banting burials in Berkshire – nice bit of alliteration

Banting Berkshire Burials

Mill St Wantage where Henry Banting was living before he died aged 7months.

Here are the last of the Banting burials in Berkshire, the earliest being 1584 Shrivenham

Surname Forename (Title) Date Age Status/Relationship Abode/Address Occupation Extra info available in register
Reading, London Rd Cemetery (consecrated)
BANTING William Henry 5 Jul 1884 63yrs  Watlington St
BANTING Sarah 1 May 1902 78yrs  Union
Shaw cum Donnington, St Mary the Virgin
BANTING Joan 19 Oct 1728
BANTING James 31 Aug 1729 son of James
Shrivenham, St Andrew
BANTING Joane 24 Aug 1584
Wantage, SS Peter & Paul
BANTING Mary 25 Mar 1850 72yrs  Wantage, Tanner St
BANTING Henry 18 Jul 1851 7m Wantage, Mill St
BANTING James 10 Sep 1928 81yrs  Wantage, Newbury Rd, The
Downs at St Michael on the Downs

Banting Berkshire Burials

Tanners Lane Wantage where Mary Banting died

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