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Westmoreland was an historical county of the UK now Cumbria.  Very beautiful area in the North of England close to the Lake District

This link has some lovely pictures of the church of St Columba Warcop, which was the church where William Banting and Agnes Fisher got married

The Google map shows the relative positions between Warcop, Appleby and Brough Under Stainmore as they relate to the Westmorland Bantings who left to the UK to emigrate to Canada

A – Appleby where Thomas Banting and Isabella Thompson were married in the church of St Lawrence 1822

B – Warcop where William Banting and Agnes Fisher married in 1793

C – Brough Under Stainmore where Thomas Banting was born in 1800

View Warcop, Cumbria CA16 in a larger map


  1. MikeB on April 28, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Does anyone have more information on :

    B – Warcop where William Banting and Agnes Fisher married in 1793 ?

    When/Where was William Banting born? I found this record on FamilySearch – Is this him?:

    Name:William Banting Gender:Male Baptism/Christening Date:31 Jan 1769 Baptism/Christening Place:ST. JAMES, WESTMINSTER, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND Birth Date:31 Dec 1768

  2. Hlb on April 28, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Hi Mike I think it’s about time we had a long hard look at the early incidences of the name Banting in the UK. It will be hard to say just how these groups are connected, we have so many Johns and Williams flying around!
    So next week I will begin to map what I can find. I am building out some ‘clean’ GED’s  which I hope by the end of next week will be available to download. I have some thoughts about the possibility he comes from Hampshire. Is anyone in your group thinking about the DNA test? Will do a post on Warcop as well see if we can drum up some interest. Lots of areas to explore yet…

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