The liaison between George Banting and Mary Gover 1813

George Banting born 1790 was working as a tailor in Hambledon Hampshire, when he had an affair with Mary Gover who was born in Meonstoke, not far from Hambledon in 1791.
Their baby was baptised, George Gover Banting, in the church of St Peter and St Paul in Hambledon on 5th September 1813 but George and Mary did not marry until 10th October 1813 in the church of St Mary’s Portsea.
Given the name George Gover Banting, means there was no denial of parentage.
This raises many questions.
Was Mary already working in Hambledon when she met George?
Why didn’t they marry when Mary knew she was pregnant?
Having had the baby baptised in Hambledon, why did George and Mary marry in Portsea?

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