George Banton Christened Andover 1644

Banting family in Hampshire

The forename George occurs quite frequently amongst the Hambledon Banting cluster but prior to George Banting baptised 1790 Clanville Weyhill Hampshire, father John, there seems to be a dearth of George’s! Ever on the trail for clues as to the origin of father John b.1753c.

Here then is this George with father John

name: George Banton
gender: Male
baptism/christening date: 25 Oct 1644
baptism/christening place: ANDOVER, HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND
father’s name: John Banton

This is an important baptism because of the spelling of the name. Banton is a variant spelling of Banting. As with all variant spellings, it is the interpretation of the person who has heard the name being spoken. The Hampshire dialect can be quite broad, that is the vowel sounds are elongated and caught in the back of the throat, the tendency is therefore to swallow the end of the word. In Banting, the ‘g’ would be swallowed and the ‘i’ sound as in ‘it’ is softened and rounded with to an ‘oi’ sound as in the word ‘oil’.

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