George Banting Tailor b.1790

George Banting was b.1790c and baptised in Clanville (Clanfield) a hamlet near Andover.

  • His parents John and Ann moved to Hambledon Hampshire sometime between 1790 and 1792, when his brother William was born in Hambledon
  • By the age of 15 George was already apprenticed to Edward Aburrow a Master Tailor
  • 8 years later at the age of 23 George married Mary Gover from the village of Meonstoke, a couple of miles away from Hambledon.
  • They were married in the church of St Marys Portsea on 10th October 1813.
  • Their son George Gover Banting had been baptised at the church of St Pauls Hambledon on the 5th September 1813.

George can be found in both 1841 and 1851 census, living in Green Lane Hambledon and working as a tailor.

His children: George b.1813    Mary Ann b.1815    John b.1817    Eliza b.1819    James b.1822    Charles b.1826    Harriet b.1829    Jonah b.1834    Ellen b.1835

George died on 29th May 1856 at Worlds End which is a small hamlet south of Hambledon