DNA Results for Hambledon Banting Cluster

Banting DNA

For those interested in the Hambledon Hampshire UK Banting cluster, you might like to know we have the results for a 67 marker Y-DNA search.

The purpose is to set down a baseline for other tests to compare results. At present there are test results for the Banting surname from Canada on the ‘My Family Tree’ DNA website and all results have been uploaded to www.ysearch.org which is a site where DNA results can be compared and on here there is one other set of Banting test data.

If you would like a summary of the test results, click on contact and fill in the details and I will pass them on.

This set of results was from a volunteer whose line can be followed below (for privacy the line stops at grandparents but it is direct)

John Banting b.1753 birth place unknown

George b.1790 born Clanville Weyhill Hampshire

George b.1813 born Hambledon Hampshire

Henry b.1844 born Hambledon Hampshire

Harry b.1869 born Hambledon Hampshire

Arthur b.1895 born Hambledon Hampshire


If you are interested in joining in with the Banting DNA project, then let us know and we can help out with putting you in touch with all involved.

We are hoping to have a deep clave test done which will refine the Haplogroup results and hopefully give a good indication of the locational origin of this line.


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  1. Emily Banting on September 28, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Great stuff. Let us know if you need any more DNA!

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