Children of George Banting Master Tailor

George Banting b.1790, seems to be the first Banting to become a tailor in Hambledon, his dad John was a gardener.

So what of his children?

Let’s have a general look at them and an outline, with posts on each to follow later.

So his children were:

George 1813 – 1874 became a master tailor and stayed in Hambledon

Mary Ann b.1815

John b.1817

Eliza  1819 – 1884 had an illegitimate son, Henry, married George Dancaster and after his death was proprietor of George Inn Hambledon

James 1822 – 1888 became a tailor, married Maria Poole and remained in Hampshire

Charles 1826 – 1889 became a tailor married Emma Cox and remained in Hambledon

Harriet 1829 – 1832 obviously died young

Jonah 1834 – 1870 Moved away to London as under butler married Emily Lambert but died suddenly when only 36 yrs in Eton

Ellen 1835 – 1894 Married William Westbrook, a grocer, after his death moved to Sussex