Canadian Bantings & Possible Fyfield Connection

I had an interesting contact the other day from someone who threw us an intriguingĀ conundrum…..

Now I don’t yet have my head around all the Canadian trees but we are seeking out a possible link between the Irish Bantings and the Hampshire border Banting cluster.

Someone saw the Fyfield Banting baptism post and some bells rang for them.

I pass this on….

John Banting born in Ireland named his farm in Canada 1850 ‘Fyfield’.

This John was grandson of John Banting b.1742ish, whose eldest daughter was called Sarah, with another daughter Mary/Molly and a son Charles.

I have included a map showing the Andover cluster and marked some of the places where we know we have Banting BMD’s, as you can see Fyfield sits tightly in the cluster.

So it’s just another little tease but very interesting and so I’m off to the archive this week to have a deep dig.

Andover Cluster Map showing position of Fyfield

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