Berkshire Banting Family 1851

From the 1851 census (all figures as accurate as data will allow!)

Age Range Total Number Individuals
0 – 20 10
20 – 40 7
40 – 60 2
60 – 80 0

5 Households in total, only recording head of household and number of Bantings in household

  1. James Banting  32yrs   born Childrey, living Weren Farm Wantage, occupation ag lab (5 in household)
  2. William Henry Banting 30yrs, born Great Coxwell Berks, living Mill St Wantage, occupation brewer (3 in household)
  3. Jacob Banting 52yrs, born Tockenham Wilts, occupation grocer & mealman, living 42 Northbrook St Newbury (7 in household)
  4. Martha Banting 33yrs born Wantage, living Spring Gardens Windsor (2 in household)
  5. Henry Banting 20yrs born Challow Berks, occupation cowman (1 in household)

On the face of it this doesn’t seem to be many households, considering the number of Bantings born in Berkshire in the previous hundred years, so it will be interesting to see neighbouring county data

Wantage is now in Oxfordshire

Source: 1851 census

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