Bantings on Berkshire Burial Index

As we all know, many of the Banting clusters are on the borders of the counties Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire with ‘spillage across the narrow county of Berks into Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

So, with this in mind and a concerted look at the records that Berkshire Family History Society have in their vaults, here are the results for Banting’s buried in Berkshire.

Details are in order: Surname Forename (Title) Date Age Status/Relationship Abode/Address Occupation Extra info available in register

Ascot Heath, All Saints

Map Showing Main Towns in Berkshire

BANTING Joseph 5 Nov 1885   77yrs  Ascot
Childrey, St Mary the Virgin
BANTING James 11 Mar 1823   73yrs  Childrey
BANTING Mary 18 Jul 1831   86yrs  Childrey
BANTING James 27 Sep 1849   61yrs  Childrey
BANTING James 4 Apr 1875   56yrs  Childrey
Great Coxwell, St Giles
BANTING Mary 16 Nov 1822 inf Great Coxwell
Hungerford, St Lawrence
BANTING Margaret 21 Mar 1786 Other details
BANTING May 2 Aug 1961   70yrs  Hungerford Hospital
Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist
BANTING James 31 Mar 1686 son of John & Mary
BANTING Mary 8 May 1690 wife of John
BANTING Jeane 15 Feb 1694/ daughter of John
BANTING Ann 26 Jul 1707 daughter of John & Mary
BANTING John 12 Mar 1722/
Letcombe Regis, St Andrew
BANTING Sarah 6 Mar 1823 72yrs  Letcombe Regis
BANTING Henry 1 May 1827 80yrs  Letcombe Regis
Reading, Henley Rd Crematorium (Caversham)
BANTING Alice 7 Apr 1954 76yrs  widow Bucks, Marlow, 64 High St died 4 Apr

I will post each separately and map it to help the clusters but as you can see there are some fairly early dates recording the name in the county.

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  1. Prue on May 21, 2013 at 11:05 am

    Joseph Banting buried in Ascot Heath in 1885 was born and lived all his life in Upper Clatford near Andover. He and his wife Sarah Churcher had 13 children, and he also had an illegitimate daughter, Ann, who emigrated to Canada with her mother and stepfather, Charlotte Joyce and Richard Newman of Wherwell. Ann has many descendants in Canada and the USA (New Hampshire/Vermont). Joseph’s daughter Harriett (m. James Cripps) lived in Ascot and it seems likely that in Joseph’s old age he went to live with her and was thus buried there when he died.

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