Banting UK Clusters 1851 Census

This just gives an overall view of the clusters of Banting surname in 1851. The figure is the number of individuals in each county as recorded in the 1851 census and then a little bit of analysis to clarify the picture or not!

Berkshire 11                   Cheshire 11                           Derbyshire 3

Essex 1                             Gloucestershire 4              Hampshire 68

Hertfordshire 7            Lanarkshire 1                      Middlesex 39

Montgomeryshire 1    Norfolk 4                              Oxfordshire 19

Somerset 1                      Staffordshire 1                    Surrey 14

Sussex 6                          Warwickshire 1                    Westmoreland 6

Yorkshire 2

The clusters are obvious and the super cluster of neighbouring counties, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Surrey and Wiltshire, account for over 50% of the total population with the surname Banting in the 1851 census.

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