Banting UK 1851 Census County Data

Click through to see the 1851 census data for the Banting surname organised as a database. Sorted by county, the information includes, name, age, sex, registration district and county.

It is a very useful and different way to analyze the data.

From this you can have some fun with the information to tell you a bit more about the Banting population in the UK in 1851

The data will not be complete, it never is!

Total individuals 209

Females 56%

Males 44%

[0-10yrs]  21%

[11-20yrs]  19%

[21-30yrs]  17%

[31-40yrs]  13%

[41-50yrs]  9%

[51-60yrs]  11%

>60yrs  10%