Banting Family 1841 Census

The census has so much more to show us than just names that we can relate to our individual trees.
A first analysis of the 1841 census allows us to see the distribution of the surname on a county by county basis.
We can then compare this on a census by census basis and thereby try to make some meaningful assessment of internal migration.
We will follow this post up with a break down of each household and do a county by county summary. So come back in a couple of days and see what we can make of it

Just where do those Yorkshire Bantings fit?

Banting Individuals (number in county)
London 59
Hampshire 42
Oxfordshire 31
Derbyshire 27
Berkshire 23
Yorkshire 20
Norfolk 18
Lancashire 13
Sussex 8
Hertfordshire 7
Warwickshire 7
Westmoreland 7
Gloucestershire 6
Cambridgeshire 5
Essex 5
Somerset 5
Staffordshire 5
Leicestershire 4
Lincolnshire 4
Wiltshire 3
Middlesex 2
Surrey 2
Cheshire 1
Cumberland 1
Devon 1
Kent 1
Montgomery 1
Nottinghamshire 1

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