Australian Banting Family

There are probably a number of early incidences of the Banting surname in Australia.

The one I am familiar with is John Banting whose father John was born in Hambledon Hampshire UK and who went to London to work as a carpenter and lived in Holborn.

John, by a rather circuitous route via America found his way to Bunbury but what I would like to know is do we have another separate line of Banting’s in Australia?

Any help would be so gratefully received.

I also know that Charles Banting was transported to Tasmania but because of his age I’m not certain he would have had a family there…

If you know of a Banting clan with a different root in Australia please let us know, it would be great to add you to our family….

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  1. Bob Banting on April 4, 2012 at 12:17 am

    Edward Banting who did the majority of the work on Banting’s in Canada, tracked the family of Annie Banting to Australia. Annie was the daughter of William/Thomas Banting who married Isabella Thompson in Westmoreland England. Annie married Thomas Canning. We do not know where William/Thomas came from.

    Bob Banting.

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