All London Birth, Marriage, Burial 1538 – 1812 Banting Surname

I am going to plot each individual record for these early London records of births, marriages and burials for the Banting surname

Each will have an individual mapped location but where I think there are siblings I will name them on the post.

Hopefully this will start to point us to the earliest records of the families with the Banting surname.

By geolocating them we might come up with some connections we hadn’t seen before.

It is interesting to note that even the early records have a BANTING spelling because it is a bit of a tricky name.

One would expect Bantings to show in London from an early date, if they had a southern counties origin, anyhow just a thought of many…….

This data sourced from Ancestry London births, marriages and burials 1538 – 1812

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